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Re: Non-ASCII characters in man pages produced by groff 1.23

From: Visuwesh
Subject: Re: Non-ASCII characters in man pages produced by groff 1.23
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2023 22:24:32 +0530
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[ஞாயிறு அக்டோபர் 29, 2023] Jens Schmidt wrote:

> [...]
> To clarify what the problem is: If, for example, you search for
>   --compressed-ssh
> with
> in *Man curl* on Debian testing, you won't find that option, because
> curl's author hasn't yet properly quoted all minus characters in the
> generated man page source.  As a result, they are rendered as
> ?\N{HYPHEN} in man's output and occur as such in the Man-mode buffer.
> (Well, that concrete example above got fixed already, but others are
> still left.)
> I have been bitten by that already, and not only me:
>   https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2023/10/msg00083.html
> So this is not an Emacs issue, it might get gradually better as man
> page authors improve their text, and it probably will go away for
> Debian when Debian freezes trixie.  Which means this is just an FYI,
> and nothing which requires any action ... or what do you think?

Before I pulled the Debian changes which switched back to using ASCII
hyphen, I thought about making Man-softhyphen-to-minus change HYPHEN to
HYPHEN-MINUS to make the man page buffers searchable again.
A solution like char-fold but which works in every search command would
be better (external tools included if possible but that's a great

As a first step, perhaps we can use char-fold-to-regexp in read-regexp?
For external tools, POSIX equivalence classes might work but from what I
can tell from a cursory internet search they are not reliable.

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