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Re: ELPA submission: plz-see

From: Mauro Aranda
Subject: Re: ELPA submission: plz-see
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2023 06:33:00 -0300
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On 30/10/23 04:17, Augusto Stoffel wrote:
> I would like to submit the following package to ELPA:
>    https://github.com/astoff/plz-see.el
> (defcustom plz-see-header-line-format
>   (let ((headers '(plz-see-header-line-status
>                    plz-see-header-line-content-type
>                    plz-see-header-line-content-length
>                    plz-see-header-line-show-headers)))
>     (dolist (sym headers)
>       (put sym 'risky-local-variable t))
>     (cons "" headers))
>   "Header line format for `plz-see' result buffers."
>   :type 'sexp)

Do you really need all that in the standard expression?

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