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Re: Inline completion preview

From: Eshel Yaron
Subject: Re: Inline completion preview
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2023 18:43:09 +0100
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Alexander Adolf <alexander.adolf@condition-alpha.com> writes:

> Eshel Yaron <me@eshelyaron.com> writes:
>> [...]
>> I find this company/corfo comparison quite compelling, but I'd like to
>> steer the discussion back to the topic at hand: adding inline completion
>> *preview* to Emacs.  Could you check out my proposed implementation[0]
>> and weigh in on adding it to core, possibly as part of completion.el?
>> [...]
> Thanks for the prod, Eshel. Good getting things back on track.

Gladly :)

> It seems to me that corfu's `corfu-preview-current` option does just
> that when set to `insert`. I tried it, and to me at least it seemed to
> do what you describe.

Hmm no, it doesn't do quite the same thing.  I use `corfu` with those
settings myself, alongside with `completion-preview-mode`, which
operates as you type without invoking your in-buffer completion UI.  You
can enable `completion-preview-mode` and start typing in some
programming buffer to see the difference.



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