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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] shell links [was: Version 4.19c]

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] shell links [was: Version 4.19c]
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 21:28:19 +0200

Lot's of nice changes in 4.19. I'm really impressed at how fast Carsten & Co. are cranking out new code and new fixes.

Fixing goes fast if people are out there testing things. Thanks for your report.

Looks like there are a few problems with shell links in 4.19c, though.

1.) If I type C-c C-l, and then at the link: prompt, type


   where SPACE means I hit the spacebar, then I get a [No Match] error
   message.  If I instead type:


   then I get the [No Match] error after the 'ls'

This is because SPACE does completion in the minibuffer. Hmm. Ok, I can turn this default off and make SPACE insert itself. This means that only TAB will do completion in the minibuffer at the C-c C-l prompt. Not a problem, I guess.

2.) If I manually make a shell link like this

     [[shell:ls *.org][shellcmd]]

    and then type C-c C-o.  The minibuffer asks m:

      Execute " " in the shel? (yes or no)

    Even though there's a blank, the ls command works if I say yes

The command is there, it is only invisible because it is a copy of the invisible command in the [[ ]] link :-). I am removing this invisibility property now.

3.) If I put the cursor in the link and type C-c C-l, then
     the minibuffer says:

     Link: shell:ls%20*.org

    If I cancel (C-g), C-c C-o still works.

In the hidden part of a link, space and brackets are escaped. I forgot to unescape for the editing prompt.

While I was at it, I have also removed the restrictions on shell commands. Shell: links in [[ ]] brackets can now contain "<", ">", and "|". These restrictions were only needed in <> links, but now no longer. This is nice.

Also, maybe you'd like to know that there is a variable to turn off the safety query in shell links: org-confirm-shell-links. I could also change the yes-or-no query to a y-or-n query to make it easier to answer.... We'll see, not now.


Thanks.  The above named changes are in


- Carsten

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