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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-mode workflow

From: juman
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-mode workflow
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 13:35:51 +0200
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Before answering these questions I'll give a short description why I use
org-mode and how it fits my full picture...

I'm on of the GTD (Getting things done, David Allen) people so in short
everything I think I need to do ends up in my "inbox" (it's just a box).
I then go through the inbox to see whats there and if it can be done
right now, should be done but later (added to a tickler file) or just if
it is a project I might do someday.

Weekly I sit down and try to get a bigger picture and go through which
projects I have, which I have done or need to start. In each project I
then break it down to small pieces of what have to be done next to get
the project going.

So for example setting a time with the dentist can be a three step
project. First get the phonenumber, second call them and set a time,
three go there on the right time. Now each task is add to diffrent
contexts as I can find the numner on the Internet, make call when I'm by
the Phone, and the last part is just a booking in my calendar. I then
write the steps on papers for each context so get the number gets on the
Internet context etc...

So this is my baseline I work from and org-mode help me out a lot...

> 1)  Do you find it to be more convenient to have one file per topic 
> (research.org, personal.org, etc), or one directory per topic with more 
> specific files within it (research/project1.org, personal/finances.org)?

I have a file per area you could so say so I have one called apartment
where all my projects for my apartment is and one for finances for
things related to my personal finances. But I also have some subfolders
for some development projects and some writings I do...

> 2)  Within an org file, do you find it more effective to maintain one 
> tree for tasks and other trees for notes, or do you mix notes and tasks 
> within the same trees?

The whole files are just a big mic of notes, trees and tasks which is
one of the great things about org-mode. Instead of trying to keep things
apart I just "braindump" into the document setting things up as tasks
etc as I go...

> 3)  If you use remember with org, what role does it play in your work 
> flow?  When do you find yourself reaching for a remember note instead of 
> using an org link or editing an org file directly?

Hmmm don't know what remember is actually but please tell me :-). I
actually use a thing called remind

> 4)  Does anyone use timeclock.el with org?  Have you found other ways to 
> track time allocation using built-in org functions?

I keep track of time as I am a consultant but I find it easier to do
that by hand so I just use pen and paper.

> 5)  What's the one trick you're most pleased to have discovered, or the 
> one feature that changed your routine most once you began to use it?

I'm still in newbie mode as I regulary have to check the references
sheet to know how to do stuff so I have nothting on this topic... :S


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