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[Emacs-orgmode] org-mouse.el

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Emacs-orgmode] org-mouse.el
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 09:40:27 +0200

On Apr 12, 2006, at 11:59, Piotr Zielinski wrote:

I've just fixed an incompatibility bug, which prevented org-mouse from
operating correctly with org-mode 4.21.  Here's the latest version:

I really like org-mouse.el, in particular the menus with
TODO keywords, tags and priorities.

In the latest version, the context menu on links does not seem to work - on links I still get the context menu for normal text. At first I thought this was only for the new bracket links, but it is the same for all link types, because `org-mouse-at-link' never returns t.

While looking at this function I realized that org.el and org-mouse.el could check for a link at the cursor position in a much simpler way:

(defun org-mouse-at-link ()
  (and (eq (get-text-property (point) 'face) 'org-link)
         (goto-char (previous-single-property-change (point) 'face))
         (or (looking-at org-bracket-link-regexp)
             (looking-at org-angle-link-re)
             (looking-at org-plain-link-re)))))

This implementation depends on having font-lock active, but then a lot of functionality in org-mode depends on that.

One more thing. I am totally used now to the fact that mouse-1 does follow a link in Org-mode buffers, this feels completely natural. But I am not so sure in agenda buffers. Since almost every line in that buffer has a mouse-face property, pretty much any click in the agenda window will send the cursor off into another buffer and window. I would like to be able to customize this. In org.el 4.22 (on the web now, with a few bug fixes), there is a new variable `org-agenda-mouse-1-follows-link'. Right now, org-mouse.el does overrule this. Could org-mouse.el honor this variable or even better no longer put those bindings to [follow-link] at all because org.el does this already?


- Carsten

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