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[Emacs-orgmode] Categories in tags-TODO agendas

From: Daniel J. Sinder
Subject: [Emacs-orgmode] Categories in tags-TODO agendas
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 13:21:29 -0700
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I'm using org-mode for GTD, and I also use tags for GTD context.  I
put TODO entries under headlines for their respective projects and
use a tag for each project which is inherited by it's next
actions/TODOs.  I have 3 main org files for GTD:  work, meetings,
personal -- each with #+CATEGORY labels by the same name.  A few
weeks back I requested a customization option for tag-specific
TODO-only agendas, which Carsten promptly implemented --  thanks
Carsten.  Now I have customized commands to generate agenda buffers
by project or context, which works like a charm.

I've recently encountered one bug and one inconsistency (I'm up to
date with 4.33).

Here's the bug:  After generating the first weekly agenda and
quitting it, subsequent tag-search agendas result in the same
CATEGORY label on all entries regardless of the CATEGORY label on
the file that produced the entry.  Subsequent weekly agendas still
show the correct categories however.  (It's not obvious to me if
there's any consistency as to *which* file's category is selected
for the tag searches.)

And the inconsistency has to do with how tag inheritance is handled
in tag searches.  Suppose I have in one of my org files:
  * Projects
  ** Resolve inconsistency with org-mode tag searches :OrgMode:
  *** TODO Post to emacs-orgmode list :Email:
  *** TODO Write a patch for org-mode tag searches :Computer:

If I do a tag query for "OrgMode" (C-c a m OrgMode), I get
  WORK:     Resolve inconsistency with org-mode tag searches :OrgMode"
(that is, the TODO items do not inherit the OrgMode tag).

However, if I do a TODO-only tag query for "OrgMode" (C-c a M
OrgMode), I get both sub-headlines:
  WORK:       ..TODO Post to emacs-orgmode list         :Email:
  WORK:       ..TODO Write patch for org-mode tag searches :Computer

I think these two should behave more alike with regard to tag
inheritance.  I personally prefer the latter approach, wherein
inherited tags are included in the results.

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