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Re: [David O'Toole] Fwd: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-publish future ?

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [David O'Toole] Fwd: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-publish future ?
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 12:29:46 +0200

On Jun 5, 2006, at 23:19, David O'Toole wrote:

On a related note, Carsten are you reading? Something came up in IRC
discussion, about making it easier to convert org documents to other
formats. Although I am a bit resistant to the idea, especially since
it would take things in a more muse-ish direction, I remember you had
mentioned making a "cleaned up" publishing function that produces an
intermediate format (s-expressions?) that could be transformed into
something else. Are you still thinking about this?

My interest in exporting Org-mode to more formats is quite limited. I am not using Org-mode to write books. And if I want to produce a book, moving away from the fantastic toolset for LaTeX available under Emacs to something that limits my possibilities to a subset of LaTeX is a loss, not a gain.

Personally, I am not often in a situation where I need to produce many different output formats of a document. The only major application for this is documentation, for example of computer programs produce documentation. There are many systems that can do this, for example POD (developed for the perl documentation), TeXInfo, muse. I don't see why Org-mode needs to be able to do the same.

The one thing I would be interested in is indeed to produce one very general format that would allow people to do with it whatever they want. My feeling is that such a format could be based on the current HTML exporter because it does a complete structural analysis of an Org-mode document, and the output could be some kind of semantic-only HTML, or XML, or whatever. I have not taken any steps toward implementing this, and right now I don't see it happening.

- Carsten

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