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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-publish v1.71

From: Chris wallace
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-publish v1.71
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 09:16:42 +0000

On 08/06/06, David O'Toole <address@hidden> wrote:

Bugfix release. Should now allow absolute filenames in the :include

Thanks.  It works.  Just one more request, so I can use this with my files spread across many directories.

When I have

(setq org-publish-project-alist
       '("bright" . (:base-directory "~/bright"
             :base-extension "org"
             :include ("/home/chris/bright/chr5/cng/Readme.org" "/home/chris/bright/chr5/phase2/Readme.org")
             :publishing-directory "~/public_html/org"))))

The two Readme.org files both get published as ~/public_html/org/Readme.org.  I would really like them to be ~/public_html/org/chr5_cng_Readme.html and ~/public_html/org/chr5_phase2_Readme.org.  Ie with the directory relative to :base-directory included in the file name.  Is this possible? 

My working situation is that under project bright, important directories have a Readme.org file containing notes relating to that sub-directory.  It's handy for writing the notes for the filename to always be Readme.org, but less handy for publishing so that my colleagues can see where I'm up to.

Thanks, Chris.

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