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Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-archive-done

From: Daniel J. Sinder
Subject: Re: [Emacs-orgmode] org-archive-done
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 00:59:18 -0700
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Carsten Dominik wrote:
On Jun 17, 2006, at 22:47, Daniel J. Sinder wrote:
I have just one final thought....and it's just a thought because I don't understand how org-mode is implemented.... What if, instead of archiving *moving* subtrees, it left them in place but *hid* them in a semi-permanent way. By that I mean, they'd be hidden just like the collapsing org-mode normally does, but they would never expand, unless a special show-archived-subtrees variable was non-nil.

this is a very interesting and original idea! I really like it. It would mean that subitems that are done remain in place, but don't use space on the screen. I am not sure if I like the term "archiving" for this. "Locking" seems to be better.

I'm glad you like this (and that it seems straightforward to implement). My only questions is this: If locking is an alternative (not replacement) to archiving, will locked items also be kept out of agendas and exports, like when archiving? My vote would be "yes".


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