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[Orgmode] Suggestion for work-time summary in the weekly/daily agenda

From: Kennet Backman
Subject: [Orgmode] Suggestion for work-time summary in the weekly/daily agenda
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 11:34:11 +0100


I've been using org-mode for a while now. I use it mainly for
TODO-lists, scheduling meetings and as a time reporting tool. At work
I report time spent per project on a weekly basis. I also sign off on
total time spent every day at the end of each month.

Currently, I use the clocktable for this which works good for the
weekly report since it's per project (I have each project i a separate
.org file). It is harder to get a daily total time. I guess it's
possible to solve my problem using clocktables and some work but since
this is the absolutely least enjoyable part of my work I would like to
spend as little time doing it as possible.

So, I propose an agenda buffer command for showing a work time summary
in the weekly and daily agenda. Turning on this functionality would
show a summary. Example:

Friday     1 December 2006
              8:00...... ----------------
             10:00...... ----------------
 project1:11:07...... Clocked:    TODO This, that and the other
             12:00...... ----------------
 project2:13:40...... Clocked:    Meeting with CBS executives
             18:00...... ----------------
             20:00...... ----------------

Work-time summary:
project1: 0:53
project2: 1:00
Total: 1:53

This would make it quick to browse through every day (or week) and get
the time totals (or to check when it's time to call it a day).

If there is some other way to achieve something similiar with existing
functionality, hints are welcome.

Kennet B├Ąckman

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