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[Orgmode] Org-mode release 4.58

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode release 4.58
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 11:21:34 +0100


I have released a new version of Org-mode, at


Don't forget to press the refresh button in your browser, to make
sure it does not show you a cached version of the page.


- Carsten

Changes in version 4.58

- Full undo support in the agenda.

You can now use UNDO in the agenda. This command will reverse changes
    to the agenda *and* the linked buffer if this change was make with
    a remove editing command from the agenda.
    I am quite, but not 100% sure that this does always the right
    thing, so serious testing would be very much appreciated.

- Finding stuck projects for the weekly GTD review.

    The idea for this goes back to a mail from Tim O Callaghan:

    Projects that are stuck in the GTD sense if they have no
    NEXT ACTIONS defined.
    For example, if in your GTD setup you identify projects with a
    tag PROJ, and if you have a TODO keyword NEXT to indicate next
    actions, you could do

      (setq org-stuck-projects '("+PROJ/-DONE" ("NEXT") nil))

    and then use `C-c a #' to get a list of stuck projets

This feature is still experimental. It does seem to work for me, but it may not yet fit other people's requirements, please give me feedback.

    This is implemented using a new extension feature that is described
    in appendix A3 in the manual, so people who know Lisp can hack it.

- Visiting projects (subtrees) in an indirect buffer.

  This uses a dedicated frame to display the tasks.  The command is
  bound to `C-c C-x b' in an Org-mode buffer, and to `b' in the agenda.

  This is based on a discussion with Eddward DeVilla and
  Jason F. McBrayer.

- auto-filling for comments works now under Emacs, I have not yet have
  time to fix the filling stuff under XEmacs.  Coming soon.?


- Carsten

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