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Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode release 4.58

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode release 4.58
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 00:09:57 +0100

On Dec 6, 2006, at 11:45, Bastien wrote:

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for this new release.  I noticed some strange auto-fill related
bugs in 4.57, but it seems okay now.  Here is a little report:

- '*word* is not fontified because of leading single quote (')

Emphasis, this is a never-ending story. I'll check if it makes sense to change this case, but there will always be special cases where things do not work...

- http:///this,url is not fontified because of the coma (,)

This is on purpose, please use <...> or [[...]]] around URL's with special characters.

- org-agenda-list-stuck-projects contains a call to (match) which
  leads C-c a # to produce a "Wrong number of arguments" error.
  Removing the (match) is okay.

Arrrgh, yes this is a bug.  Will be fixed soon.  Dammit, I messed up a
release again - and I thought I had implemented something cool :-(

- Maybe a naive question because i don't know the .ics format, but are
  the warnings like "This is a deadline" mandatory ?  DL and S already
  indicate the status of the event, don't they?

Yes.  I don't remember why I put these, maybe to make things more clear.
Can you suggest a better output format?

- Again on .ics: my scheduled headlines often have links, those are
  not well displayed in any iCal i know.  What about striping links
  from their first part (i.e. [[A][B]] -> B)?

Hmmmm, would it not be useful to click on them? I am not sure what calendar programs would support that. Need to make a few test myself.

Some feature suggestion (for org v5 ??):

- What about C-u C-c C-e to force ignoring timestamps when
  (re)publishing  a project?

I don't understand this one.

- Cycling through priorities does not allow to delete the priority.
  My guess is that [#A] -> [#B] -> [#C] -> nothing -> [#A] -> ...
  is more convenient.

Hmmm, yes, maybe.

- What about diary inclusion in timeline (C-c a L)?

That is a no, it has no place there.

Use the agenda restricted to the current file:

C-c a 1 a, maybe make a custom command where you change the ndays parameter to get a longer listing?

- In org-mode each task is potentially a project, since each headline
  is potentially at the top of a new tree.  This default behavior is
  perfect but sometimes i need what i would call a frozen inline task.
  Something that is a task without being (un)foldable, something that
  is not at the top of a potential subtree.

  For example:

  * Project 1

  Text for project one.

  **: Frozen inline task for project one.

  Text for project one (won't be (un)folded by TABing the frozen task

  See my point?

I sort-of do.  I guess you would to allow tags for these? And have them
listed in TODO lists etc???????

This would be great, but I cannot do it (don't know how).
See my discussion about plain list items some time ago.

But hmmmm, your proposal does ring a bell somewhere - I'll put this into a background job, lets see what it does.

- Carsten

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