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[Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag positions

From: Scott Jaderholm
Subject: [Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag positions, smart [ ], and org-publish questions
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 15:11:16 -0700

First let me say that I've really enjoyed using org-mode for the past month or so. Thank you to all those who have contributed to it!

I've had fun customizing the faces a little and this is what I came up with http://jaderholm.com/screens/org-colors.jpg

1. Is there a way to do recurring events? Even if it were just a function that could rewrite the dates every day/week/month I find it hard to believe that so many people use org-mode as a planner without this functionality.

2. I use org-mode over ssh and since shift doesn't work along with other modifiers many of the keystrokes do not work. Has anyone come up with alternate keystrokes not involving shift that they could share?

3. How do you make it so that tags appear farther to the right? I'm hoping that will keep them more inline, as long headings tend to interfere with the default position.

4. Has anyone written a smart function for smart adding [ ] to lines, kind of like C-c C-t does with TODO? Ideally it would be smart enough to put it after a - if there were one.

* org-publish questions

5. I'm using org-export and I have been unable to link to an image and have it show up as an image in the exported html. [[http://foo.com/bar.jpg]] shows up as a link and @<img src="" href="http://foo.com/bar.jpg" target="_blank" >http://foo.com/bar.jpg" /> shows up with the markup as text and the url as a link.

6. I've had problems with lists (- items) not ending correctly and the next line, even if separated with a blank line, is considered part of the list. Do I have to explicitly end the list or has anyone seen this problem? The closest I can get to reproducing it at this moment is that if I have:

- 1
- 2

more text

the "text:" is in a <p> but the "more text" is not in a <p>.

7. Is there a way to change how the page title is exported so that it will use a span instead of an h1?

Thank you very much,

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