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Re: [Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag posit

From: Scott Jaderholm
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag positions, smart [ ], and org-publish questions
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 11:20:50 -0700

On 12/9/06, Pete Phillips <address@hidden> wrote:
    Scott> 2. I use org-mode over ssh and since shift doesn't work along
    Scott> with other modifiers many of the keystrokes do not work. Has
    Scott> anyone come up with alternate keystrokes not involving shift
    Scott> that they could share?

I don't understand why. I can ssh onto our servers from home, run emacs
remotely, and it sees all the modifier keys.  I can use <SHIFT> <ALT>
and <CTRL> over my linux-linux ssh conection.  Are you running standard
UNIX/Linux machines on both sides of the connection ?  Are you running
emacs or Xemacs ? Frankly, I would think that not being able to use the
shift key is a bit of a showstopper when entering text anyway ?

I am running emacs in console mode on a linux machine and connecting to it with putty. Of course I can capitalize characters, but I cannot use Shift-Tab or Shift-Control, and I believe Shift-Meta or Shift-arrowkeys.

A few people in #emacs told me that this is because there is no ASCII code to encode Shift-Tab etc. I don't know if there's some work around for this. One would be a non-console version of emacs but I really like putty because it is so small and I can access it anywhere without having to install X11 or emacs locally.

Thanks for your help,

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