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Re: [Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag posit

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag positions, smart [ ], and org-publish questions
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 11:38:37 +0100
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"Scott Jaderholm" <address@hidden> writes:

> I've had fun customizing the faces a little and this is what I came up
> with http://jaderholm.com/screens/org-colors.jpg


> 2. I use org-mode over ssh and since shift doesn't work along with
> other modifiers many of the keystrokes do not work.  Has anyone come
> up with alternate keystrokes not involving shift that they could
> share?

Have a look at this: 

,----[ (info "(org)TTY keys") ]
| Org-mode uses a number of keys that are not accessible on a tty.
| This applies to most special keys like cursor keys, <TAB> and <RET>,
| when these are combined with modifier keys like <Meta> and/or
| <Shift>.

> 4. Has anyone written a smart function for smart adding [ ] to
> lines, kind of like C-c C-t does with TODO? Ideally it would be
> smart enough to put it after a - if there were one.

- [ ] sklgj 

> * Org-publish questions
> 5. I'm using org-export and I have been unable to link to an image and
> have it show up as an image in the exported html.
> [[Http://foo.com/bar.jpg]] shows up as a link and @<img
> src="http://foo.com/bar.jpg"; /> shows up with the markup as text and
> the url as a link.
> 6. I've had problems with lists (- items) not ending correctly and the
> next line, even if separated with a blank line, is considered part of
> the list. Do I have to explicitly end the list or has anyone seen this
> problem? The closest I can get to reproducing it at this moment is
> that if I have:
> Text: - 1 - 2
> More text
> The "text:" is in a <p> but the "more text" is not in a <p>.
> 7. Is there a way to change how the page title is exported so that it
> will use a span instead of an h1?
> Thank you very much, Scott
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