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Re: [Orgmode] Re: Gnus link BUGS

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: Gnus link BUGS
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 08:38:25 +0100

Thanks, I will use this approach in org-mode as well.

(I am in no way a gnus expert - so if there is other stuff to fix in the
gnus interface, please go ahead, maybe even send me patches).

- Carsten

On Dec 22, 2006, at 6:44, Leo wrote:

* Leo (2006-12-22 03:11 +0000) said:

Opening gnus article link will prompt the user for how many articles
to read, for example if a group has more than 200
(`gnus-large-ephemeral-newsgroup') articles. This is unnecessary and
obtrusive instead it should just go to that article.

The solution in planner-gnus.el is:
| (let ((gnus-auto-select-first nil))
|         (condition-case err
|             (gnus-fetch-group group planner-gnus-group-threshold)
|           (error (gnus-fetch-group group))))

The number of articles (`planner-gnus-group-threshold') is explicitly
passed to gnus-fetch-group.

Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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