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[Orgmode] Change entry to DONE, Sorting of agenda

From: dachsy
Subject: [Orgmode] Change entry to DONE, Sorting of agenda
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 11:29:08 +0100 (CET)
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I just found this cool 'REPEAT(xx)' keyword - nice thing :-)
I just have one problem: Every time I use C-c C-t to close such an entry
inside the agenda view, I am prompted for a log message. I just have set

(setq org-log-done t)

AFAIK this shouldn't ask for a logentry - and it doesn't if I close an
entry that doesn't have the REPEAT keyword.

BTW: A cool thing would be if instead of asking me for a log entry, an
additional 'DONE' entry would be created before the entry is shifted
to the next week (month, etc.). That would make it more easy to see at
the end of the week what I have done.

Another thing: I noticed that when I have a low prio entry ([#C])
these entries are sorted AFTER the time table, so my org agenda looks

Freitag   16 März 2007
  GTD:        TODO [#A] Prepare Food
  GTD:        TODO do something else

  Calendar:   15:00...... some meeting
  GTD:        TODO [#C] something w/ low prio

I'm using org-4.68.


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