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[Orgmode] Org-mode 4.69

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode 4.69
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 10:00:24 +0100


Org-mode version 4.69 is available at


This release contains a few incompatible changes, make
sure you check the list below before installing it.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 4.69

* Overview

  This time the changes affect the following areas:

  - TODO keywords:  Multiple sequences in a single file.
  - Export: More control over text before the first heading.
  - Export: More control over sub/superscript interpretation.
  - Plain lists:  Option to let empty lines terminate lists.
  - Tables: New command to insert hline and move into line below.
  - REPEATing items:  Turn of note taking.
  - Bug fixes.

* Incompatible changes

  - It used to be possible to spread the list of TODO keywords
    over several lines, like


    This is no longer possible.  Each such line now specifies an
    independent set of TODO keywords, with its own DONE state.
    See below for details.

  - The #+TEXT construct has been used to insert unchanged HTML
    into an exported file.  This is no longer possible, the TEXT
    lines will be processed like any other lines.  However,
    there are now much better ways of getting quoted HTML into
    the exported file.

* Details

  - You can now use multiple sets of TODO keywords in the same
    buffer.  For example, you may put the following three lines
    into a file:

      #+TYP_TODO: Fred Laura Peter Me OK

    Each sub-sequence has its own DONE state.  It is best to use
    different keywords in all sequences, to make sure Org-mode
    does not loose track in which specific sequence it is
    working.  You could use the same word for all DONE states,
    but then cycling through to a TODO state might not bring you
    where you want to be.

    After initially setting a keyword, `C-c C-t' cycles through
    a sublist, i.e. is cycles from TODO to DONE or from
    KNOWNCAUSE to RESOLVED and further to (nothing) and back to

    S-right and S-left allow to select any keyword, so they move
    from DONE to REPORT and from RESOLVED to Fred.

    C-S-right and C-S-left jump from one sub-sequence to the
    next, for example from TODO or DONE to REPORT to Fred.

    Thanks to Rick Moynihan for triggering this development.

  - Text before the first headline can now be exported if you
    configure Org-mode accordingly.  Either set the variable
    `org-export-skip-text-before-1st-heading' to nil, or use the
    new in-buffer option

    #+OPTION: skip:nil

  - Export content specified via the #+TEXT construct is now
    fully processed, i.e. links, emphasis etc. are all
    interpreted.  #+TEXT lines may include
    #+BEGIN_HTML...#+END_HTML sections to embed literal HTML.

  - During HTML export, you can request to have a_{b}
    interpreted as a subscript, but to leave a_b as it is.  This
    can be done by setting the variable
    org-export-sub-superscript to the symbol `{}' with

         (setq org-export-sub-superscript '{})

    or by using

          #+OPTIONS: ^:{}

    Thanks to Eddward DeVilla for this idea.

  - New variable `org-empty-line-terminates-plain-lists'.
    Default is nil, meaning that empty lines are part of the
    previous list item, and that you can have several paragraphs
    in one such item.  Set this to t if you want an empty line
    terminate all levels of plain list items.

    Thanks to Mike Newman for triggering this development.

  - `C-c RET' inserts a horizontal separator line and move the
    cursor into the table line below it.  Thanks to Bastien for
    this proposal.

  - Org-mode always offers you to record a note when a TODO item
    automatically repeats, even if you are not logging state
    changes.  The new variable `org-log-repeat' allows to turn
    this off, so that notes are really only been taken if you
    are logging all state changes.

  - Various Bug fixes, thanks to everyone who reported.

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