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[Orgmode] Re: Org-mode version 4.68

From: Leo
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Org-mode version 4.68
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 08:25:58 +0000
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On 2007-03-13, Carsten Dominik said:

>   - Improvements to the date/time prompt.
>     + When you move (using S-cursor keys) the cursor in the pop-up
>       calendar window while responding to a date/time prompt, the
>       prompt is updated with the new default date.  Works only under
>       Emacs because I don't know how to modify the prompt under
>       XEmacs.  Thanks to Bastien for this idea.
>     + You can now enter AM/PM times at this prompt.

I always found it painful to set up a time range in org. For example,
if I want to allocate one hour from 12:00-13:00 to work on project
A. I have to use 'C-c .' twice. Is there any suggestion on improving
this situation?

At the moment, it seems to me enhancing this feature to support time
range 12:00-13:00 on the same date very inconvenient i.e. if user type
in 12:00-13:00 and mouse click today it should inserts:

<2007-03-22 Thu 12:00>--<2007-03-22 Thu 13:00>

Or maybe we should just support:

<2007-03-22 Thu 12:00-13:00>

What do you think?

Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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