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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.75

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 4.75
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 17:43:36 +0200


I have released org-mode version 4.75 at



- Carsten

Changes in version 4.75

* Overview

  - Cyclic time stamps that repeat after an interval.
  - Special timestamps for appointments like "every 2nd Thursday
    in a month".
  - Completion of link abbreviation prefixes inside `C-c C-l'.
  - Replacing a region of org-mode syntax with HTML.
  - iCalendar export now honors ARCHIVE etc.
  - New command to add/change emphasis markers.

* Incompatible Changes

  - The REPEAT(...) cookie is no longer supported, the repeater
    interval now goes directly into the time stamp.

* Details

  - Time stamps can contain a repeater code, like +1w for once
    every week, +2d for every two days, etc.  For example,

         <2007-05-16 Wed 12:30 +1w>

    will apply to every Wednesday, starting from the date given.
    I believe this syntax was actually suggested by someone on
    the mailing list, but I cannot find the email back.  To
    collect your credit, let me know!

  - You can use an sexp diary entry (with the syntax used by the
    Emacs calendar/diary) in a time stamp, like this:

      *** The nerd club meets on 2nd Thursday of every month
          <%%(diary-float t 4 2)>

  - You can put diary-style sexp entries directly into an
    org-mode file, where they will be interpreted just like they
    would in the diary.  For example

      * Birthdays and similar stuff
      #+CATEGORY: Holiday
      %%(org-calendar-holiday) ; special function for holiday names
      #+CATEGORY: Ann
      %%(diary-anniversary 14  5 1956) Artur Dent %d is years old
      %%(diary-anniversary  2 10 1869) Mahatma Gandhi

    These entries must start at column 0 to be evaluated.

    It turns out that evaluating the entries in an org-mode file
    is actually faster than in the diary itself, because using
    the diary has some overhead (creating fancy diary display,
    then reading and re-interpreting the entries).  I have moved
    all the sexp entries from my diary into an org-mode file,
    put in a few categories, and then turned off
    `org-agenda-include-diary'.  This has led to a noticeably
    faster agenda display.

  - New command `org-replace-region-by-html' that converts the
    current region from org-mode syntax into HTML.  For example,
    you might write an itemized list in plain text in an HTML
    buffer, and then invoke this command to convert it.  Thanks
    to Raman for this idea.

  - When inserting a link with `C-c C-l', completion will now
    fill in all valid link prefixes, like http or ftp, but also
    link abbreviation prefixes.  This is based on an idea by

  - Highest, lowest, and default priority can be set on a
    per-file basis with #+PRIORITIES: H L D
    For example, to use priorities from 1 to 9, you could use

      #+PRIORITIES: 1 9 9

    Thanks to Dmitri Minaev for a patch to this effect.

  - iCalendar export now honors (i.e. skips) subtrees marked as

  - There is a new command to add or change the emphasis (like
    bold or italic) of a piece of text.  For lack of better
    available keys the command is at `C-c C-x C-f', but you may
    well want to choose a more convenient key like `C-c f' in
    your private setup:

    (add-hook 'org-load-hook
     (lambda () (define-key org-mode-map "\C-cf" 'org-emphasize)))

    The command will prompt for an emphasis type, and you may
    reply either with the marker that triggers the emphasis, or
    with the first letter of the corresponding HTML tag.  For
    example, to select italic, press either "/" or "i".

    If there is an active region, the emphasis of this region
    will be set or changed.  If there is no region, only the
    emphasis markers will be inserted and the cursor positioned
    between them.  Thanks to Bastien for proposing this feature.

  - Bug fixes, everything where I have replied "fixed" on the
    mailing list.  Thanks to all of you for keeping these reports


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