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Re: [Orgmode] agenda csv export: three problems (batch, koi8-r and comma

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] agenda csv export: three problems (batch, koi8-r and commas)
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 16:41:59 +0200

On May 31, 2007, at 14:27, Jason F. McBrayer wrote:

Ruslan Kosolapov <address@hidden> writes:

org-mode 4.75, emacs-snapshot (latest from debian sid)
--[ 3. Problems with , and "" ]--

As far as I know, strings in csv should be quoted, else there will be
problems if string contains comma.

Now I see than "head" field placed in csv without quotes.  So, if I
use comma in heading text, csv-parsing script fails.

I wondered about this immediately after csv agenda export was added,
so I tested it.  My testing showed that commas in headlines are
converted to semicolon on export (it must be getting done earlier in
the code than where you looked at it being placed in the csv).
Probably not The Right Thing, but good enough, and surely easier than
worrying about quoting.

Exactly.  Of course fancier stuff could be done, but I guess this
easy thing is still the best.

- Carsten

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