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Re: [Orgmode] how to get all entries with filled fields in csv?

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] how to get all entries with filled fields in csv?
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 17:07:13 +0200

On May 31, 2007, at 14:49, Ruslan Kosolapov wrote:

I want to get ALL entries from my org-file as csv (I want to parse it
and create some things like Gantt chart etc).

(org-batch-agenda-csv "a") give me:
IncOfPfW,WWW - certificates 4h,upcoming-deadline,NEW,sveta,2007-6-26,,In 26 d.:,B,984

I.e. all fields filled well.

But there are only agenda on current week, and there are no DONE
items.  Anyway, I need very custom views, and week agenda can solve my
problem only if will contain all todo keywords (DONE too) and will be
created for custom date interval (now I need current year,
i.e. "2007-01-01 - 2008-01-01").  As far as I understand, now such
ability is absent.

Yes, this is currently not possible and would also be very slow.
Has been on my list for quire some time, but not yet.

(org-batch-agenda-csv "t") returns me all TODOs, but without deadline
(and without DONE items):
IncOfPfW,WWW - certificates 4h,todo,NEW,sveta,,,,B,1001

Is there any way to get deadlines (and schedule time too) in
custom-agenda-commands view?

Or maybe there are other way to get all entries in parseable format?

I guess for your application it may be easier to write a little perl
or python program to do the parsing yourself - I think I can make it
possible to get all the DONE entries as well, but I am not sure what the
right course would be for the deadlines/scheduled.  Maybe indeed
allowing arbitrary agenda durations - but as I said this would be slow.

- Carsten

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