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Re: [Orgmode] Remember in Agenda buffers

From: Manuel Hermenegildo
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Remember in Agenda buffers
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 14:50:04 +0200

 > my workflow for new appointments is
 > 1. check agenda for free dates
 >    (cursor will be on the day/time of the free time slot)
 > 2, use remember to record the appointment
 >    (currently inserting the timestamp manually)
 > I know I can insert new entries into the diary with "i". However, I do
 > not use the diary and keep all appointments in org.
 > Maybe someone has a remember template which automatically inserts the
 > timestamp from the cursor position (date in month and week modes, date
 > and time in day grid mode)

This exactly is also an essential part of my workflow. I was also
looking for an "insert current date" functionality in org-remember but
realized that it is not there yet.  I tried to add it about a week ago
but did not find a simple way to get the date at which the cursor is
on the agenda (and also the time if on the grid), specially in the
case when there is nothing on that day (otherwise I guess one can
always read the time stamp from the entry you are at).  Unfortunately,
although I have done quite a bit of elisp programming I am not an
expert in the org code. Carsten, if you give me a hint I can give it
another try, or perhaps you can do just the part of getting the
time/date and I will do the rest (see below).

Linked to this, one thing I would also find very useful, and was also
trying to do, is being able to reschedule a given entry to earlier or
later in the grid (e.g., when trying to reschedule things during the
day).  I.e., sort of the same that we have for moving entries to a
previous or later date, but instead earlier or later in the same day.
If we can find a way to read date/time from the agenda view then I can
easily do this.



 Manuel Hermenegildo                     |              Prof., C.S. Department
 Director, IMDEA-Software and CLIP Group |                T.U. of Madrid (UPM)
 http://www.cliplab.org/herme            | +34-91-336-7435 (W) -352-4819 (Fax)

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