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Re: [Orgmode] Kill text in org mode

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Kill text in org mode
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 07:49:46 +0200

Hi John,

On Jun 11, 2008, at 10:26 PM, John wrote:

Last week I moved from planner-el to org-mode and find it great.
Thanks to Sacha Chua and John Wiegley for their articles ("Choosing
between Org and Planner", "Using org-mode as a Day Planner").

One should tell all the planner guys to have a look at org-mode. So much
more convenient.

I do have two minor questions regarding org-mode:

 1. To kill some text from the mark till the begining of
    a line, I usually type in:
     - C-SPC to run `set-mark-command', then
     - C-a to run `beginning-of-line', and then
     - M-w to run `kill-ring-save'

    But in org-mode `C-a' is bound to `org-beginning-of-line' which
    quits marking region.  Thus `M-w' can't work anymore.

    The same is true with `org-end-of-line' (C-e).

Fixed, thanks.

 2. In org-mode I can't seem to `isearch' (C-s) words with accented
    characters.  For instance, when searching for "résumé", XEmacs
    starts searching for the leading `r' and then quits upon typing
    in the first `é'.  This never happens to me in other modes.

This is a bug in XEmacs, in the definition of the variable `isearch- mode-map'. In this map, all printing characters should be bound to `isearch-printing-char', but the setup does not handle non-ascii characters correctly, I believe. The purpose of this code is to exactly handle packages like Org where all normal characters are bound to a special function - but the implementation of this function is incomplete. A better implementation could be to find all characters that are bound to self-insert-command in the global map and make the replacement binding for those.

Please report this as a bug to the XEmacs people, I do not have the time to fix this myself.

- Carsten

 Thanks for your help.

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