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Re: [Orgmode] Re: insert todo from agenda?

From: Manish
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: insert todo from agenda?
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 08:46:14 +0530

May be I misunderstood but it seems following setup
does all that you want (and more).

Please see below.

,----[ Relevant setup ]
| (defun my-start-clock-if-needed ()
|  (save-excursion
|    (goto-char (point-min))
|    (when (re-search-forward ":CLOCK-IN:" nil t)
|       (replace-match "")
|       (org-clock-in))))
| (setq org-remember-templates
|   (quote
|    (
|     ("Client1 Task" ?g "* NEWTASK %? %^g %&\n  SCHEDULED: %t\n
:CLOCK-IN:\n  CREATED: %U\n"  "~/org.git/client1.org" "Unprocessed
|     ("Client2 Task" ?G "* NEWTASK %? %^g %& \n  SCHEDULED: %t\n
:CLOCK-IN:\n  CREATED: %U\n"  "~/org.git/client2.org" "Unprocessed
|     ("Personal Tasks" ?p "* NEWTASK %? %& \n  SCHEDULED: %t\n
:CLOCK-IN:\n  CREATED: %U\n"  "~/org.git/personal.org" "Unprocessed
|     ("Appointment @ Client1" ?a "* APPT %? %& \n  SCHEDULED: %^{At:
}T\n  :CLOCK-IN:\n  CREATED: %U\n"  "~/org.git/client1.org" "New
|     ("Appointment @ Client2" ?A "* APPT %? %& \n  SCHEDULED: %^T{At:
}\n  :CLOCK-IN:\n  CREATED: %U\n"  "~/org.git/client2.org" "New
|     ("Notes" ?n "* %?\n  %a\n  CREATED: %U\n"  "~/org.git/notes.org" "Notes")
|     ("Journal" 106 "\n* JOURNAL Entry at %U\n  %?"
"~/org.git/journal.org" "Journal")
|   )))

This setup:

- schedules the task by default for today (%t)
- records the date the task was created (%T)
- prompts for tags (%^g)
- start the clock when you start creating the task and offer to clock
  out when you save the task (:CLOCK-IN: and my-start-clock-if-needed)
- takes you to the location the task is being filed when you save (%&).

You can then refile it using org-refile. (C-c C-w by default.)

This works irrespective of the buffer you are in (you need not be in ageda.)

Thanks to Bernt for much of this setup and ideas.

Please do see sec. #9 for more details.  It lets you be pretty creative.

-- Manish

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