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[Orgmode] agenda column view bug

From: Bernt Hansen
Subject: [Orgmode] agenda column view bug
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:39:18 -0400
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Hi Carsten,

I'm using Org-mode version 6.04c from commit
4c0752c7004d76483bbf8557a9c3a4a9b7d4c3bb and can't update right now
because repo.or.cz is down so maybe this is fixed already.

In the agenda if you go to column view on an entry without an Effort:
value the S-left and S-right fail to change the data - the value just
stays blank.

If you edit it to a value in the list (using e 0) then the S-arrows work

I'm using the following setup:

(setq org-global-properties '(("Effort_ALL" . "0 0:10 0:30 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 
5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 16:00 24:00 32:00 40:00 60:00 80:00 120:00")))
(setq org-columns-default-format "%40ITEM(Task) %17Effort(Estimated Effort){:} 


 - C-c a a
 - C-c C-x C-c
 - right arrow to Estimated Effort column
 - Move to a task with a blank entry
 - Try S-left and S-right - it refreshes the display but the effort does
   not change

For an example task my Effort property looks like this:


Let me know if you need for information to reproduce this.


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