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[Orgmode] Agenda View, Hiding Scheduled DONE Items

From: Peter Jones
Subject: [Orgmode] Agenda View, Hiding Scheduled DONE Items
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 15:14:07 -0600
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I looked through the manual and the bindings reference (C-h b) in the
agenda view, and haven't been able to figure this out.

When in the agenda view, is there a way to hide items that are
scheduled for the current day, yet are marked as DONE?  That is, I
only want to see items that are still TODO.

I've been using the agenda view more heavily lately, but it would be
nice to filter out DONE items so I can see what remains on my task
list for the day.

Peter Jones, http://pmade.com
pmade inc.  Louisville, CO US

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