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Re: [Orgmode] How to write an exporter

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] How to write an exporter
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 10:47:09 +0200

On Jun 24, 2008, at 1:27 PM, Christian Egli wrote:


I've been wanting to have an exporter for latex beamer and for
mediawiki. I thought that might be a nice summer project. How do I
write it? Do I use

- the new mapping API
- or the "new" exporter engine from Bastien which is buried away
  somewhere on a branch in git?

I guess the mapping API is included in org-mode proper but only gives
me access to the headlines AFAIK. What is the status of the exporter
engine from Bastien? Is it ever going to be resurrected?

Bastien has been quite busy lately, and I am not sure how this will
develop in the future.

The "new export engine" as far as I can see, is so far mostly a parser
that converts an Org file into a structured hierarchy of property lists
that give access to the entire content as well as all the meta data
like tags, todo state, deadline date etc etc.

I have pulled out org-export.el from the branch and placed a copy into
the EXPERIMENTAL subdirectory of the master branch.

Bastien, I fixed a bug which had to do with narrowing in a recursive procedure - the old restriction needs to be remembered. Also, I implemented a function that will remove the meta data (most of it anyway) from the content string, so maybe this is a useful thing? It is a separate function, so easily removed again.

Looking at org-export.el, Bastien also planed to have filter functions, and then backend that will write the structure back to a file - I don't know how much of this works.

Christian, you could simply experiment with the return value of org- export-parse.


- Carsten


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