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[O] org creates bibtex fontification buffers without setting dialect, ca

From: Adam Porter
Subject: [O] org creates bibtex fontification buffers without setting dialect, causes error
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 21:34:07 -0500
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For a while now I've been getting "(wrong-type-argument stringp nil)"
errors from a timer running bibtex-parse-buffers-stealthily.  Finally
I've tracked it down to an "*org-src-fontification:bibtex-mode*" buffer
(which is hidden, but shows up in ibuffer by pressing "C-u g").  The
backtrace was not very helpful, apparently because of some defsubsts
being used, but by stepping through code with edebug, I found that the
problem is that the fontification buffer is in BibTeX mode, but
bibtex-set-dialect has not been called, so certain variables are not
initialized in that buffer, and eventually bibtex-parse-keys fails in
its defsubst bibtex-type-in-head.  Calling bibtex-set-dialect fixes the

It seems easy enough to fix: Org should call bibtex-set-dialect in its
BibTeX fontification buffer. But why has no one else has noticed this
problem?  It seems like this should happen to every Org user who has a
BibTeX source block in an open Org buffer.


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