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[O] Org-Brain: Second level headline?

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: [O] Org-Brain: Second level headline?
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 10:03:14 +0200
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I'm not sure if I misunderstood a feature or if this is a bug or setup
problem. In org-brain one has two possibilities to create new children
to a node:

1. org-brain-add-child (f) --> creates a new org-file
2. org-brain-new-child (h) --> creates a new headline

The problem is that only 1st-level headlines are shown in
org-brain-visualize. Shouldn't all headline levels be visualized?


>From a file called Software.org, looking like this:

,---- Software.org
| #+BRAIN_PARENTS: Manuals
| * Emacs
| ** org-mode
| ** AucTeX
| * Gimp
| * Vivaldi

org-brain-visualize shows (as expected):

| Manuals
| |
| ▽
| Software
| Emacs  Gimp  Vivaldi

The word Emacs should be a node showing the children "org-mode" and
"AucTeX". But it shows only its parent and siblings when clicked, no
children become visible:

|          +-Gimp
| Software-+-Vivaldi
| |
| ▽
| Emacs

Org-Brain would be great for organizing the writing process of article
and book projects etc. The final text could gradually grow out from
mindmap'ish structures. But org-brain's multiple-files approach goes
against it. You can't export an article from hundreds of org files, can
you? So it should be possible to organize a complex "brain" (the
article-to-be) in a single file with several headline levels
(representing the network of information from which the text-body will
gradually grow).

Thanks to the developer. Great piece of software and a fantastic idea.


(Emacs 26.1, Orgmode 9.1.13, org-brain 20180522.717 from melpa)

Sven Bretfeld
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
NTNU Trondheim

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