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Re: [O] How to move up/down a headline but not the subtree?

From: Alain . Cochard
Subject: Re: [O] How to move up/down a headline but not the subtree?
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2018 13:59:35 +0200

Hi, and thanks for your message.

Nicolas Goaziou writes on Thu  5 Jul 2018 12:50:

> > I am also interested in knowing if there are specific (deep?)
 > > reasons why this seemingly basic operation, which I see as the
 > > analogous of org-do-promote/demote and perform very often with
 > > standard (but tedious) emacs editing commands, is not already
 > > implemented.

 > Yes, this is not a "basic" operation: it breaks the structure of
 > the document. Org helps you maintain it and organize it, this would
 > be going the opposite way.

I do not understand this.  When one is demoting/promoting
headlines[fn:2] (and even whole subtrees), it seems to me that one is
implicitly admitting that the structure is wrong.  I only see a
quantitative difference (i.e., not a qualitative one) between doing
this and performing want I want to do.

Only now do I realize that it is probably the same logic which is
behind the triggering of the error "Cannot move past superior level or
buffer limit" which occurs when trying to move a subtree.  Well, I
certainly don't appreciate these limitations :-) At least in that case
I can not too painfully break the law by promoting+moving+demoting...

 > There are ways to do this, and you can even automate them with a
 > keyboard macro or a function.

Indeed, I will try to hack something.  Ideally, it has to work for
list items as well -- certainly not easy for me. I had hoped someone
would have done it already...

 > > [fn:1] I am surprised I can't find it in the manual -- I find it
 > > extremely useful.

 > Documentation patches are always welcome. The hardest part would be to
 > find an appropriate location for this. Maybe Miscellaneous.

I understand patches are welcome, but I don't know how to do that yet.
In that case, is it better that I remain silent?


[fn:2] Here I am not even talking about cases like going from:

* head 
  * sub head
        * sub sub head


* head 
        * sub head
        * sub sub head

which is obtained by demoting 'sub head' 3 times.  (With the similar
structure with list items, one gets "Cannot outdent an item without
its children".)

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