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[O] `C-c C-z' does not add note to LOGBOOK drawer

From: Van L
Subject: [O] `C-c C-z' does not add note to LOGBOOK drawer
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 17:42:56 +1000


I find the note is placed above the LOGBOOK drawer and not added to inside as 

— quote
If you want to store a quick note in the LOGBOOK
drawer, in a similar way to state changes, use

‘C-c C-z’
     Add a time-stamped note to the LOGBOOK drawer.
— quote ends

— quote
readings-hpw -*- mode: org; -*-

* ideas

* notes

* clean

* dirty
  :Effort:   1:06
  - Note taken on [2018-07-20 Fri 17:28] \\
    Homer was born long after the Trojan War.
  CLOCK: [2018-07-20 Fri 17:26]
— quote ends

"GNU Emacs 26.1"

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