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[O] deleting trailing whitespace can change org structure

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] deleting trailing whitespace can change org structure
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2018 16:39:08 -0700

just a heads up on something that is kind of obvious, but just in case:

a blogger recommend delete-trailing-whitespace [in a tangling init,
thus heavy org use].  many likely do this and whitespace-cleanup.  he
recommended it on a save hook.

the problem for org is if you have a header like "^****** $".

deleting trailing whitespace will make those headers become text under
the previous header.

some people habitually do a sequential m-ret to create blank headers
to fill in.  this was recommended in an org tutorial or so.

blank headers are likely to be created by accident.  it is possible
that this corruption occurs without the user knowing.  especially
using a save hook or when there are a lot of lines to fix.

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