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[O] losing time

From: Макей Е . В .
Subject: [O] losing time
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018 09:31:44 +0300

Remember to cover the basics, that is, what you expected to happen and
what in fact did happen.  You don't know how to make a good report?  See


Your bug report will be posted to the Org mailing list.

I check the time report every day, and every time I put the time in
order, so that there are no gaps. But every time after a while I see
that my tasks or time on tasks disappear.

It happens, i think, because i work with emacs server on Windows.

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 25.3.1 (x86_64-w64-mingw32)
 of 2017-09-27
Package: Org mode version 9.1.13 (9.1.13-elpa @ c:/Users/admin/AppData/Roaming/.emacs.d/elpa/org-20180611/)

current state:
 org-tab-first-hook '(org-babel-hide-result-toggle-maybe org-babel-header-arg-expand)
 org-speed-command-hook '(org-speed-command-activate org-babel-speed-command-activate)
 org-occur-hook '(org-first-headline-recenter)
 org-metaup-hook '(org-babel-load-in-session-maybe)
 org-clock-into-drawer 3
 org-confirm-shell-link-function 'yes-or-no-p
 org-agenda-exporter-settings '((ps-number-of-columns 2) (ps-landscape-mode t)
                (org-agenda-add-entry-text-maxlines 10) (htmlize-output-type (quote css)))
 org-default-notes-file "x:/org/@y-r.by/входящие.org"
 org-clock-in-resume t
 org-todo-keyword-faces '(("ДЕЛАТЬ" :foreground "red" :weight bold) ("ДАЛЕЕ" :foreground "light blue" :weight bold)
              ("ЗАВЕРШЕНО" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
              ("ОТЛОЖЕНО" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)
              ("ОЖИДАНИЕ" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)
              ("УДЕРЖАНИЕ" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)
              ("ОТЧЁТ" :foreground "light blue" :weight bold)
              ("ОТМЕНЕНО" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
              ("ЗВОНОК" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
              ("ПОРУЧЕНО" :foreground "magenta" :weight bold)
              ("ВСТРЕЧА" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold)
              ("ПЕРЕДАНО" :foreground "forest green" :weight bold))
 org-capture-templates '(("д" "делать" entry (file "x:/org/@y-r.by/входящие.org") "* ДЕЛАТЬ %?\n%U\n%a\n\n"
              :clock-in t :clock-resume t)
             ("о" "ответить" entry (file "x:/org/@y-r.by/входящие.org")
              "* ДАЛЕЕ Ответить %:from о %:subject\nSCHEDULED: %t\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: орг. работы\n:END:\n%U\n%a\n\n" :clock-in t :clock-resume t :immediate-finish t)
             ("з" "заметка" entry (file "x:/org/@y-r.by/заметки.org")
              "* COMMENT %? \n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 3: орг. работы\n:END:\n%U\n%a\n\n" :clock-in t
              :clock-resume t)
             ("н" "дневник" entry (file+datetree "x:/org/@y-r.by/дневник.org")
              "* %?\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 3: стд. занятия\n:END:\n%U\n\n" :clock-in t :clock-resume
             ("б" "дневник (организация работы)" entry (file+datetree "x:/org/@y-r.by/дневник.org")
              "* %?\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 3: орг. работы\n:END:\n%U\n\n" :clock-in t :clock-resume t)
             ("ы" "дневник (отдых)" entry (file+datetree "x:/org/@y-r.by/дневник.org")
              "* %?\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 4: отдых\n:END:\n%U\n\n" :clock-in t :clock-resume t)
             ("х" "дневник (пассивный отдых)" entry (file+datetree "x:/org/@y-r.by/дневник.org")
              "* %?\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 4: пасс. отдых\n:END:\n%U\n\n" :clock-in t :clock-resume t)
             ("п" "дневник (потери времени)" entry (file+datetree "x:/org/@y-r.by/дневник.org")
              "* %?\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 5: потери вр.\n:END:\n%U\n\n" :clock-in t :clock-resume t)
             ("Б" "обзор" entry (file "x:/org/@y-r.by/входящие.org")
              "* ДЕЛАТЬ Обзор %c\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 3: орг. работы\n:END:\n%U\n\n"
              :immediate-finish t)
             ("в" "встреча" entry (file "x:/org/@y-r.by/входящие.org")
              "* ВСТРЕЧА with %? \n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: орг. работы\n:END:\n%U\n" :clock-in t
              :clock-resume t)
             ("к" "телефонный звонок" entry (file "x:/org/@y-r.by/входящие.org")
              "* ЗВОНОК %? :\n:PROPERTIES:\n:CATEGORY: 3: орг. работы\n:END:\n%U\n" :clock-in t
              :clock-resume t)
 org-agenda-include-diary t
 org-after-todo-state-change-hook '(org-clock-out-if-current)
 org-from-is-user-regexp nil
 org-src-mode-hook '(org-src-babel-configure-edit-buffer org-src-mode-configure-edit-buffer)
 org-agenda-before-write-hook '(org-agenda-add-entry-text)
 org-babel-pre-tangle-hook '(save-buffer)
 org-mode-hook '(#[0 "\300\301\302\303\304$\207" [add-hook before-save-hook org-encrypt-entries nil t] 5]
         #[0 "\300\301\302\303\304$\207" [add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-show-block-all append local] 5]
         #[0 "\300\301\302\303\304$\207"
           [add-hook change-major-mode-hook org-babel-show-result-all append local] 5]
         org-babel-result-hide-spec org-babel-hide-all-hashes)
 org-refile-targets '((nil :maxlevel . 9) (org-agenda-files :maxlevel . 9))
 org-bibtex-headline-format-function #[257 "\300 \236A\207" [:title] 3 "\n\n(fn ENTRY)"]
 org-archive-hook '(org-attach-archive-delete-maybe)
 org-clock-continuously t
 org-refile-use-outline-path t
 org-directory "x:/org/@y-r.by"
 org-cycle-hook '(org-cycle-hide-archived-subtrees org-cycle-hide-drawers org-cycle-show-empty-lines
 org-tags-exclude-from-inheritance '("crypt")
 org-lowest-priority 68
 org-crypt-key nil
 org-refile-allow-creating-parent-nodes 'confirm
 org-todo-keywords '((sequence "ДЕЛАТЬ(д)" "ДАЛЕЕ(а)" "ОТЛОЖЕНО(л@/!)" "|" "ЗАВЕРШЕНО(з@/!)" "ПЕРЕДАНО(п@/!)")
             (sequence "ОЖИДАНИЕ(ж@/!)" "УДЕРЖАНИЕ(у@/!)" "ОТЧЁТ(ч@/!)" "ПОРУЧЕНО(р@/!)" "|"
              "ОТМЕНЕНО(о@/!)" "ЗВОНОК(к@/!)" "ВСТРЕЧА(в@/!)")
 org-confirm-elisp-link-function 'yes-or-no-p
 org-metadown-hook '(org-babel-pop-to-session-maybe)
 org-link-parameters '(("id" :follow org-id-open) ("rmail" :follow org-rmail-open :store org-rmail-store-link)
               ("mhe" :follow org-mhe-open :store org-mhe-store-link)
               ("irc" :follow org-irc-visit :store org-irc-store-link)
               ("info" :follow org-info-open :export org-info-export :store org-info-store-link)
               ("gnus" :follow org-gnus-open :store org-gnus-store-link)
               ("docview" :follow org-docview-open :export org-docview-export :store org-docview-store-link)
               ("bibtex" :follow org-bibtex-open :store org-bibtex-store-link)
               ("bbdb" :follow org-bbdb-open :export org-bbdb-export :complete org-bbdb-complete-link :store
               ("w3m" :store org-w3m-store-link) ("file+sys") ("file+emacs")
               ("outlook" :follow org-outlook-open :export nil) ("doi" :follow org--open-doi-link)
               ("elisp" :follow org--open-elisp-link) ("file" :complete org-file-complete-link)
               ("ftp" :follow (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "ftp:" path))))
               ("help" :follow org--open-help-link)
               ("http" :follow (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "http:" path))))
               ("https" :follow (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "https:" path))))
               ("mailto" :follow (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "mailto:" path))))
               ("news" :follow (lambda (path) (browse-url (concat "news:" path))))
               ("shell" :follow org--open-shell-link))
 org-indirect-buffer-display 'current-window
 org-babel-load-languages '((dot . t))
 org-reveal-start-hook '(org-decrypt-entry)
 org-agenda-files '("x:/org/@y-r.by")
 org-clock-out-hook '(org-clock-remove-empty-clock-drawer)
 org-refile-target-verify-function 'bh:verify-refile-target
 org-tag-alist '(("ARCHIVE" . 1072) (:startgroup) ("@офис" . 1054) ("@дом" . 1044) ("@спортзал" . 1057) (:endgroup))
Евгений Макей

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