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Re: [O] Vararg macros, and code block as macro?

From: Diego Zamboni
Subject: Re: [O] Vararg macros, and code block as macro?
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 21:01:08 +0200

Hi Kaushal,

How about adding this to your emacs config:

Make sure that that always evaluates before you do Org exports, and then simply use this in your Org files:

Thanks for the tips! I hadn’t thought of adding the functions to my Emacs config, but that would work perfectly. On the other hand, it would be nice to make the org file fully self-contained :)

PS: Thanks for sharing that code! You are following the vision of ox-hugo.. replacing Hugo shortcodes with Org macros :+1: :) 

Thanks! This is exactly what I’m trying to do as I migrate my existing Hugo posts to ox-hugo (I migrate them whenever I need to update them in any way). My idea is to eventually republish some of my posts in a different format (as an ebook, maybe), so I want the text to be as Hugo-independent as possible. And the code is even more readable - I find Hugo’s macro language quite obscure. For example, here’s the same “hsapi” shortcode in Hugo: https://github.com/zzamboni/zzamboni.org/blob/master/layouts/shortcodes/hsapi.html


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