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[O] orgmode for requirement - feature - analysis

From: Rüdiger Schierz
Subject: [O] orgmode for requirement - feature - analysis
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2018 17:23:44 +0200
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I'm thinking about to use org-mode for running the requirement analysis
and the feature design of a medium sized software project.

Basically, I guess I would have a headline
* Requirements

containing subtitles/compositions of single requirements of the software
under development.

Then I would have the headline
* Stakeholders

which should be mapped to the requirements. A Stakeholder could be bound
to one or more requirements. 

The next headline would be a list/composition of
* Features

This is more or less the product backlog. The features would map to the
requirements. A feature could be needed to resolve one or more

Then there would be the headline to collect the
* Tasks

The tasks describe the work or action, which is necessary to implement
the features. Thus there is also a mapping to one or more features.

Tasks could also depend on other tasks.

There will be an estimation of effort to run the tasks. This will
determine the cost of the task and thus the cost of the features
implemented by the tasks.

Entering of attributes to the tasks, features and requirements could be
done very well in tableview mode.

A challenge would be, to check somehow, if all requirements would be
solved by the features and all features would be solved by the tasks. 

Question: Has somebody tried this already? Are there examples out there
for such a use case?


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