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[O] Bug: Archiving items with org-attach-archive-delete set to 'query' a

From: Luciano Passuello
Subject: [O] Bug: Archiving items with org-attach-archive-delete set to 'query' always asks for confirmation
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2018 14:26:56 -0300


When I set org-attach-archive-delete to query, Org is supposed to ask
me for confirmation when archiving entries with attachments. However,
I am always asked for confirmation,  regardless if the item has
attachments in the first place. This is to me clearly undesirable

Looking at the source code for org-attach, at line 573, that's indeed
what code tells us.

My uninformed suggestion is to call org-attach-delete-all without the
force parameter, using the confirmation code already in

Unfortunately, I'm not skilled enough in Elisp or knowledgeable in Org
source code to provide a reasonable patch.


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