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Re: [O] How to font-lock diffs?

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [O] How to font-lock diffs?
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 15:25:06 -0700

i ran into this type of thing years ago and wrote this summary in
comments to remind myself of the issues.  maybe it will be useful to

;; when you edit a source or data block, org will by default
;; remove some leading whitespace and then add 2 spaces, so the
;; whole block in org is indented by 2.
;; (the deleted rectangle seems to be the maximum amount of
;; whitespace common to all lines in each block.)
;; initial tabs get converted to spaces, which breaks things.
;; example blocks get unindented during export incorrectly.
;; mistakes are possible.
;; this as non-nil prevents all that.
;; we EITHER unindent all and set this non-nil, OR put up with
;; stripping of leading whitespace from blocks.
;; /i prefer t./ it is not possible in babel to indent without
;; having the special feature of removing the whitespace
;; rectangle.
;; you can use -i to locally do t.  there isn't the reverse of
;; -i.  there are no long options.
;; source blocks might actually work without indentation even
;; with the default value, but then when you edit it indents.
(setq org-src-preserve-indentation t)

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