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[O] Bug report: The link in the CDLaTeX section of the manual (11.5.3) i

From: Qqwy/Wiebe-Marten
Subject: [O] Bug report: The link in the CDLaTeX section of the manual (11.5.3) is dead
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2019 00:18:08 +0200
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Dear maintainers of org-mode,

I was reading through the online manual today,

and attempted to install `CDLaTeX` using the instructions found at
https://orgmode.org/manual/CDLaTeX-mode.html (Section 11.5.3 of the manual).

However, the link to find `cdlatex.el` and `texmathp.el`
(http://www.astro.uva.nl/~dominik/Tools/cdlatex) is currently dead; it
redirects to the homepage of the astronomy section of the University of
Amsterdam, rather than a specific page about CDLaTeX.

I think the link should be changed to one of:

- https://staff.fnwi.uva.nl/c.dominik/Tools/cdlatex/ , which seems to be
the location that the original link was moved to.

- https://github.com/cdominik/cdlatex , which is a repository containing
the latest version of the library


~Qqwy/Marten, a happy user of org-mode.

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