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Re: [O] Contribution of a :confirm-evaluate flag to src blocks

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: Re: [O] Contribution of a :confirm-evaluate flag to src blocks
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2019 00:09:52 -0400

Hi Mackenzie,

Mackenzie Bligh <address@hidden> writes:

> First time contributing here, so apologies if I haven't gotten this quite
> right.

Great, thanks for sending the patch!

> The results of some
> of these src blocks are fed into other src blocks, and having to input "y"
> multiple times when trying to hit a REST api quickly became cumbersome. I
> also found the method of supplying a new org-confirm-babel-evaluate to
> disable the "ask to execute" behavior on a per language basis to be too
> crude. Therefore, I would like to introduce a new flag for src blocks
> ":confirm-evaluate", where a value of "n", "no", "f", or "false" will
> disable the "ask to execute" behavior for that specific block.

I'm not much of a Babel user, but I wonder whether a better option would
be to extend :eval with a value that means "eval but don't query".
org-babel-check-confirm-evaluate could then consider this when binding
`query'.  That seems like it would serve the same purpose while avoiding
adding a new header argument.

What do you think?


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