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Re: [O] org-links for Gnus in imap with Gmail (for a convenient todo.org

From: Joseph Vidal-Rosset
Subject: Re: [O] org-links for Gnus in imap with Gmail (for a convenient todo.org list)
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 19:24:25 +0200
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Le   jeu.   07/25/19   juil.   2019   à   04:47:14   ,   "Fraga,   Eric"
<address@hidden> a envoyé ce message:
> On Thursday, 25 Jul 2019 at 18:24, Joseph Vidal-Rosset wrote:
>> But for  gnus-imap-gmail users, it is  more difficult to get  the same
>> thing. 
> [...]
>> But  I need  to change  the mention  of INBOX  in the  link to  John's
>> email. 
> Why is that?  If I create a link to an email from gmail using %a, this
> seems to work (having just tested it).  Am I missing something?  I don't
> often link to gmail messages as they are mostly junk emails (in my
> case).  I know that gmail does not really have imap folders but uses
> tags (of a sort) to make it look like emails are in different folders
> (or in more than one folder simultaneously) but INBOX seems to work for
> me.
> Just curious.

Thanks for your question Eric. :)

Of course, INBOX works  for you if you do not archive  the message in All
emails folder or elsewhere. If you move it from INBOX, in case where you
like to have the cleanest INBOX that  is the empty one, you won't get no
more the email via this link.

I wanted to have in IMAP the  shortest list to see only three folders in
my Gnus 
[Gmail]/Tous les messages

I have defined shortucts: key "Inser" archives email into
[Gmail]/Tous    les   messages    and   "Suppr"    sends   email    into

The most  tricky is to  get the Summary  [Gmail]/Tous les messages  in a
reasonable time, because with  a lot of emails, Gnus in  imap can be too
slow. My solution is in this line: 

(setq gnus-newsgroup-maximum-articles 70000)

and it works. 

For  people who  are  reluctant to  use offlineimap  or  mbsync and  who
therefore prefer  Gnus over  mu4e ,  it makes almost  the same  job, via

I can share  of course all my  setup and I am also  curious of improving

 Best wishes,

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