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[O] Org-file "path"-type links

From: Mark E. Shoulson
Subject: [O] Org-file "path"-type links
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2019 20:52:19 -0400
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Hey.  New to this list this time around... I've been tinkering with a custom link-type and I'm curious if anyone else is at all interested in it.

I use org-mode (among other things) to keep a sort of log or daily journal at work.  Things are entered in by date: I have "* 2019" as a top-level head, then "** 2019-07 July" and "*** 2019-07-25 Þursday" (actually not exactly that since I use odd-only mode, but not the point), and so forth.  (Note that the headlines are *not* date-links; the docs say that's a Bad Thing.)  My formatting is pretty free-form beyond that, and I don't always remember to sub-head subjects below that, or I use plain lists or whatever... also not the point.  What matters is that sometimes I *do* make proper sub-headings, and sometimes I may want to link to them.  I know I can make a link to [[*Best Firing Ever]] to link to a particular headline, but often there are many headlines with the same text, like "**** Weekly Shouting at Boss" or something, and [[*Weekly Shouting at Boss]] won't necessarily link to the one I want.  I want the one that was under "2019-07-24 Wednesday" for this link, and not any other.  I don't know of any way that org-mode has to distinguish such things (apart from "name the headlines uniquely, moron," which to be sure is one way to do it), so I have been making a "path"-type or "tree"-type link.  So I can have a hyperlink that links to [[tree:2019*2019-07 July*2019-07-24 Wednesday*Weekly Shouting at Boss][really told him off this time]] and that links to *this* particular headline, following the tree down link by link, separated by *'s.  And you can also have a filename, of course, like say [[tree:/home/me/bestofjournal.org::Successes*Solitaire Games*Best One Ever]] or something.

The code at this point works, including the store-link code (though adding it in overshadows the default store-link code for org-mode, which might be a problem), but it's still just a PoC, needs documentation, etc.  And probably a better name; I have "tree:" as the keyword but it's probably awful... maybe something like "orglink:"?  I know there's already a library by that name.

I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a good idea.  Maybe it's just for my unusual way of using org.  There are other ways to do this, probably (maybe a "link-store" function that stores an ordinary org-mode link *and* also creates a unique target at the point?); this is what I did.  If I put this up on github or elpa, would anyone else use it?


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