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[O] Links in Org-mode : Clunky

From: Nathan Neff
Subject: [O] Links in Org-mode : Clunky
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2019 18:43:14 -0500

Hello all,

I've always found that the links in org-mode are basically
very clunky to try to use in a quick fashion.

To my understanding (see my other question about CUSTOM_ID
versus ID) it's a good practice to store either a CUSTOM_ID or ID
- (still can't grok the difference) and then store a hyperlink to that

By storing a hyperlink to CUSTOM_ID or ID my heading can change,
but this won't matter.  I can also move the heading to another file, and links
to it will still work.  

However, I find that it's pretty clunky to store a CUSTOM_ID or ID
for a heading, and then copy the link, and then paste it where I want to
use it.  Granted, it's not very difficult using org-store-link and org-insert-link,
but it's just not as easy as I would think it would be.

I've recently stumbled on Helm and was wondering if anyone has coded some
kind of function that would show me a list of my headings, and create a CUSTOM_ID
or ID for the heading and then copy a link to that heading so that I could easily paste it.

Let's say I'm typing some stuff and want to insert a link to another heading, I would
press some key combo and a helm search would come up.  I would find the heading that
I want to link to.  If the heading has a CUSTOM_ID property, then a link to that CUSTOM_ID
would be inserted at the text where my cursor is.  If there's not a CUSTOM_ID property perhaps a prompt for a CUSTOM_ID could pop up.  Once I enter the CUSTOM_ID, the link is created and copied to my cursor location / clipboard.

Has anyone coded such a plugin or am I missing some cool Helm-fu?


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