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Re: Problem with org-babel and geiser

From: Bob Heffernan
Subject: Re: Problem with org-babel and geiser
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2022 22:10:49 +0000

On 22-02-05 19:39, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
> It's not a good idea to modify Org packaged together with Emacs. For
> testing, you can just use the attached version of ob-scheme.el. Load
> your Emacs and Org mode, open the attached ob-scheme.el, and run M-x
> eval-buffer. That should be sufficient to test the proposed patch on
> your side.
> If the patch solves the problem you are experiencing, let us know. I
> will then apply the proposed patch upstream.
> Note that even if I apply the patch, it will only be available on the
> latest version of Org mode (Org 9.5.2). It is _not_ what is shipped
> together with your Emacs. You will need to upgrade your Org mode using
> M-x package-install. See
> https://orgmode.org/manual/Installation.html#Installation for details.


I did as you described and the patched version of ob-scheme.el *does* seem to 
solve the problem.

Thanks & best regards,

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