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Re: [PATCH] Add support for $…$ latex fragments followed by a dash

From: Rudolf Adamkovič
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add support for $…$ latex fragments followed by a dash
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2022 20:45:42 +0100

João Pedro de Amorim Paula <jpedrodeamorim@gmail.com> writes:

> On 01 February 2022 22:00, Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com> wrote:
>> Me, I cannot use any of these "pretty" features because, simply put,
>> they break plain text.  For example, they cause misaligned tables and
>> make the text overflow the fill column, which I keep at 72 columns.
> […] there are fonts that enforce Unicode (all characters, from what I
> understand, Unicode included) characters to be exactly 1 unit width,
> i.e. Unicode characters are the same widths as other characters.  At
> least I can guarantee that any of the Term (all characters are the
> same length, but has ligatures) or Fixed (same as Term but no
> ligatures) for Iosekva [1] have this given property.
> [1] https://typeof.net/Iosevka/

Thank you for sharing!  I use the amazing "Hack" typeface [1].  Then, I
fail to understand how the font changes the fact that Org breaks "the
promise of plain text" in this regard.

For example, Org can hide its emphasis markers.  Later, one opens the
file in another editor and sees the truth.  The lines go over the fill
column, the tables have misaligned columns, and so on.


[1] https://sourcefoundry.org/hack/
"Strange as it may sound, the power of mathematics rests on its evasion
of all unnecessary thought and on its wonderful saving of mental
-- Ernst Mach, 1838-1916

Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com> [he/him]
Studenohorská 25
84103 Bratislava

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