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Inserting links stored in `org-store-link-plist`

From: Alejandro Pérez Carballo
Subject: Inserting links stored in `org-store-link-plist`
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2022 15:26:14 -0800


After storing a link to an ID using `org-id-store-link` I would've expected the 
stored link to be made available when calling `org-insert-link`, much like when 
storing a link using `org-store-link. But that's not what I see: the link 
stored with `org-id-store-link` is added to `org-store-link-plist` but not to 

To my surprise (and this may not be related, but in case it is), the value of 
`org-store-link-plist` is set to `nil` if I call `org-store-link`. Somehow 
calling `org-store-link` results in both the value of the stored link being 
sent to `org-stored-links` *and* in the value of `org-store-link-plist`, but 
calling `org-id-store-link` results in the stored link being sent to 
`org-store-link-plist` without touching the value of `org-stored-links`. 

I'm assuming this is not the expected behavior, but if it is, I'd appreciate 
any suggestions for how to use the values of `org-store-link-plist` when 
calling `org-insert-link`. 

I'm seeing this both with 9.5.2 and 9.5.1.

Thanks in advance for any help, 


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