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Re: ox-taskjuggler missing

From: Antonio Carlos Padoan Junior
Subject: Re: ox-taskjuggler missing
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2022 19:31:29 +0100
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I used ox-taskjuggler 2 years ago I think, but I remember having to fix
some time translation calculation in order to make it work correctly.

I have this ox file on my computer and if you are interested I can share it
or at least try to run it on my machine if you give me few days.

Taskjuggler is an amazing piece of software, and using it with org-mode
is really a great combination! 

Best regards,
Antonio Carlos PADOAN JUNIOR
Phone: +33(0)6 5035 1196
GPG fingerprint:
243F 237F 2DD3 4DCA 4EA3  1341 2481 90F9 B421 A6C9

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