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Links to javascript-based websites from orgmode.org: Paypal and Github (

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Links to javascript-based websites from orgmode.org: Paypal and Github (was: Communication problems and possible problems with the website)
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 23:14:36 +0800

c.buhtz@posteo.jp writes:

> Am 25.02.2022 15:18 schrieb Ihor Radchenko:
>> Org has no official GitHub page. This is partially a requirement from
>> Free Software Foundation:
>> https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#References
> I totally and absolute support that FSF requirement.
> In that case I would say org-mode does violate that requirement because 
> there is a GitHub and a PayPal link on the landing page. And on the Worg 
> page (which is "official" from the new users point of view) there is 
> also a GitHub link.
> It does not matter that there is not code on GitHub and that this is 
> only for sponsoring/donations. You have the link and the logo so you 
> "promote" that stuff that the FSF do not want you to promote.

Fair point. Paypal requires non-free javascript. Github as well, AFAIK.

At the same time, according to GNU Coding standards:

>> A web page recommends a program in an implicit but particularly
>> strong way if it requires users to run that program in order to use
>> the page. Many pages contain Javascript code which they recommend in
>> this way. This Javascript code may be free or nonfree, but nonfree is
>> the usual case.
>> If the purpose for which you would refer to the page cannot be
>> carried out without running nonfree Javascript code, then you should
>> not refer to it. Thus, if the purpose of referring to the page is for
>> people to view a video, or subscribing to a mailing list, and the
>> viewing or subscribing fail to work if the user’s browser blocks the
>> nonfree Javascript code, then don’t refer to that page.
>> The extreme case is that of web sites which depend on nonfree
>> Javascript code even to see the contents of the pages. Any site
>> hosted on ‘wix.com’ has this problem, and so do some other sites.
>> Referring people to such pages to read their contents is, in effect,
>> urging them to run those nonfree programs—so please don’t refer to
>> those pages. (Such pages also break the Web, so they deserve
>> condemnation for two reasons.)

While orgmode.org is not developed in the same repository with the Org
mode itself, I have a gut feeling that we still have to follow GNU
coding standards on the website. However, WORG contains links to various
blogs, reddit, stackoverflow, and even youtube and it feels right. I
notice that I am confused. I would like to hear Bastien's opinion on the


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