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Why do org-agenda-switch-to and org-agenda-goto put the point in differe

From: Rohit Patnaik
Subject: Why do org-agenda-switch-to and org-agenda-goto put the point in different spots in the target buffer?
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2022 00:49:56 -0500
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I've gotten back into using org-agenda to manage my todos, and I noticed an odd 
discrepancy in behavior. When I hit RET in the agenda buffer to go to the TODO 
entry in the original org file, I see that the point is on the DEADLINE line. 
However, when I hit TAB, I find that the point is placed at the beginning of 
the heading. Looking at the source of org-agenda.el, I find that TAB is bound 
to `org-agenda-goto', which does the following:

(recenter (/ (window-height) 2))
(org-back-to-heading t)

RET, on the other hand, is bound to `org-agenda-switch-to', which does not have 
these lines, and thus does not place the point on the heading.

Is there a reason for this discrepancy between the two functions? I'm asking 
because I prefer the point placement behavior of `org-agenda-goto', but I use 
`org-agenda-switch-to' because switches to the target org file in the current 
window rather than opening a new window. Would there be any issues with me 
taking the recentering and point placement behavior from `org-agenda-goto' and 
adding it to `org-agenda-switch-to`?


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